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Why Work International DF?

We are a team of experts with many years of experience in recruiting and organizing a team on projects in Switzerland, Europe and Asia specializing in metalworking, pipe assembly and welding, Anlage and Rohrbau with experience in Europe and Asia in pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, chemical, energy industry, refineries, shipbuilding and other areas.

Our long-term stable team are international and specialized welders, pipe fitters and fitters who have the motto: Safety, precision & quality. With our services, we simplify the work of companies in the implementation of international projects by providing workers, accommodation, tools, training and work clothes.

Our services for companies

Our products for clients

Behind every clever project is a clever team in the background. With our external services, you can focus only on business and we will provide you with staff. We save your time, energy and money.

Our services for professionals

Are you looking for a job? Are you busy but not satisfied? Are you curious about other career options? Or do you want to belong to an international team of experts specializing in assembly and welding in various industries?

Work that is not only a profession but also a lifestyle. Don’t lose the chance and become a member of a team of quality specialists.


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